Sunday, 5 June 2011

DIY rustic scroll ceremony programs

After finishing the invitations and realising I went a little over board with stocking up on paper, I am a believer of trying to use any scraps and left overs. As we have invited 110 guests to celebrate our wedding with us, and having set a small budget for ceremony programs I was thankful that I could use the remaining scrap book paper to add a little more flare.

I printed 110 programs on translucent paper, used a hole punch to create a hole at the bottom, looped twine through the hole and attached a "ceremony program" swing tag. On the back of the swing tag I was able to glue the scrap book paper to tie in with the invitations.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

DIY wedding invitation budget

I set a budget of $3.50 per invitation, including envelopes and postage stamps.

The break down of each invitation:
Actual invitation = 50c (the paper was $1.00 per sheet, I was able to print 2 invitations on each page)
Fabric love heart on each invitation = free, it was left over fabric from another project
Paper sleeve = 30c (I used scrap book paper, each 1.20 and got 4 sleeves per page)
Bus transfer = 25c
RSVP postcard = 40c (I bought a 25 pack of card stock for $9.95 and was able to print 2 postcards per one sheet of card)
Gift registry = 25c
Personalised stamp for RSVP = 60c
Envelope = 50c
Postage per invitation = $1.10

TOTAL PER INVITATION = $3.90 (40c per invitation over budget....oops)

DIY rustic wedding invitations

Invitation ideas are endless, I struggled to create the perfect invitation to our wedding because my mind is leading me down to many paths. I knew I had to stay true to the feel of our rustic wedding and stick to a budget per invitation, here is what I came up with.


Welcome to Watts Wedding Box, my name is Judi and I am marrying the man of my dreams on Saturday 6th August 2011 at 3.00pm. Since our engagement one and half years ago, I have managed to scowl through many wedding blogs. I have been so inspired with how much creativity and talent there has been, that I decided to DIY our wedding. Going with what I had always seen, I first wanted to create an elegant setting with black and white stationary and use this as our colour theme; I soon changed to olive green and gunmetal; navy blue and white and probably every other popular colour palette available. With more and more and more and more and much more research, I discovered the warmth of a rustic wedding and there was no persuading me to change my mind. Kris and I are two rather relaxed and warm people and to create a rustic wedding is very appropriate for us.

As with most engaged couples, we too have a "Wedding Budget". Necessary - YES!!! Convenient - NO!!! However, although it would be nice to stretch the budget we have to be realistic. There is a reason we are getting married, it is just not because of one lavish affair (a.k.a wedding), so yes a budget is both realistic and necessary. Kris and I both agreed on a wedding budget that would suit both of us. Food and wine is important to us, so we knew that a large majority of our budget would be chewed away in this department, which is why I had to get creative with all the small details such as stationary, flowers, decorations and wedding outfits.

I hope you enjoy and please leave comments or feedback.